Deep learning educational resources

Blog resources

To get an easy-to-read, but still quality overview of the progress and ideas behind deep learning, here are good blogs and sites made by researchers.

  • Sebastian Ruder’s site and blog is a must-read with extremely high quality readings in deep learning, with an applicative focus on NLP, but there is really very general machine learning stuff as well.
  • Lilian’s blog is very very good in summarizing within a few pages only all the important material and concepts of deep learning.
  • Tryolabs blog, wich major breakthroughs in deep learning, year by year.
Advanced blogs
  • New directions of research about generative models, beyond GAN and VAE:

Training resources

The above lectures are great as well, and they are more specialized into deep learning for Natural Language Processing.

Then you have these lectures above by A. Karpathy that complete the Standford lectures from the image processing point of view.

Specific AI topics

Explanable AI
Security and AI

Hands on

There are many tutorials about deep learning on the internet, with enlightening practical programming exercices. Here are just a few of them:

Other resources

  • There are many other video courses, papers, datasets available at Academic Torrents . Go there, look for the keywords that are of interest for you, and enjoy !